Sculpture at Milntown

Thu, 23 Feb 2017

Drawn Steel Through the Seasons

A year long perspective of Robert Jones sculptures observing the change of nature and light in the stunning Milntown Gardens

Robert Jones, Ramsey based sculptor, is displaying a number of his pieces of work on the Milntown Estate during the 2017 Gardens Season. 7 of Rob’s pieces, which are abstract, reflecting shape and form often found in nature, others lean towards an industrial form as in the peace “Punk” which has been carefully placed near Milntown’s water wheel.

 Rob collects steel from all across the island, mainly from industrial works and sites, but also up-cycles machinery and tools that has had a previous life. The 7 sculptures have been carefully positioned around the 15 acres of the historic Estate. From the onset of this scheme Robert has collaborated with Garden Manager Adam Quayle, stating “I’ve very much enjoyed the three hard weeks of installation, finding Adam’s enthusiasm and ideas to be extremely useful”.

Rob, who on leaving school served as an apprentice carpenter and joiner in the building trade on the Isle of Man for over 20 years, he has always had a passion for art and traditional crafts. He began sculpting in earnest in 2011 and gains inspiration from his artistic family and friends that he grew up with, but also the likes of Sir Anthony Caro, Henry Moore and Manx sculptor Michael Sandle RA who has become both a mentor and close friend of Rob’s over the years he has known him.

Rob says of his work “My art comes from a feeling when the shapes I’m forming together start to feel right, they balance! I don’t always start with an idea in mind, rather I go at it with a completely open mind and enjoy where the process takes me. Steel like stone are pretty tough materials to manipulate, so sometimes, as in the piece aptly named “Twisted”, I let the curved forms dictate to me how a piece should evolve, there’s no point fighting this stuff it’s though! If I can use a shape that’s existing, then I will. The human mind is a bank of feelings, desires, flash images that are almost subliminal, they’ve come and gone as I am working on a piece, and amind all the heat and danger that goes with such work, they disappear as quickly as they came, having served their purpose or not”.

Michael Sandle RA and Sayle Gallery patron believes Rob to be “a very gifted, hardworking and serious sculptor”. He goes on to say he hopes that the importance and value of the work will be appreciated and understood.

Rob has exhibited at the Sayle Gallery and Erin Arts Centre. In 2014 he received a grant from the Isle of Man Arts Council to support a new series of sculptures, as part of the Isle of Culture celebrations. May of this new series can be seen at Milntown today.

Rob’s sculptures join other existing pieces on the Milntown Estate including two dinosaurs by Matt Crabbe which have been kindly loaned by the organisers of Mannifest and a series of woodland games and benches by joiner Jason McNee and 5 giant woven willow dragonflies on the Milntown Mill Pond created by John ‘Dog” Callister.

The exhibition of Robert Jones’s work has been proudly supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council.

For more information regarding Rob Jones please call 07624 400 440 or visit robertjonessculptures on Facebook

Photography by Simon Park