Changes afoot at Milntown

Wed, 26 Aug 2020

⭐️ Changes afoot at Milntown - One of the most exciting developments that we have achieved is the creation of a new garden entrance encompassing a larch clad garden entrance building that is set within beautiful hard landscaped paths, intricate gates opening to within our Walled Garden. All of this enhancing the beautiful backdrop of this historic house
The garden entrance is now home to new additions of sculpted Ilex crenata topiary and lavender that will continue to develop in the coming years. This fantastic project will help all those with mobility issues and the local schools access the garden in all weathers and seasons 🌳
The hard-landscaped paths were a collaboration between our Head Gardener Adam Quayle and the wonderful team at whose work and attention to detail were meticulous from start to finish. The paving materials were supplied by Steve Callister at based at Derbyhaven
We were very lucky to receive a grant from the Manx Lottery Trust to contribute towards the new hard landscaped paths.
The new garden shop building was built by Island Landscape
A massive thank you to Landscape.Im, Manx Paving & Slate, Island Landscape and the Manx Lottery Trust for all of their contributions 🤩
Come along and see all these exciting changes and keep an eye out for more changes to come...💚