Jill Gillings "Skyfall" Sculpture unveiled at Milntown

Fri, 23 Feb 2018

Artist Jill Gillings has unveiled a sculpture at Milntown. Made from larch but pierced with stained glass it sparkles like magic when the sun shines through it.

A majestic limb comes out of the ground and stretches more than eight feet skywards, gnarled bark on one side and stark rough planed wood on the reverse, which changes colour depending on the weather.

The mood of the piece changes during the day as the quality of the light that shines through it fluctuates.

The Skyfall Sculpture joins other works by artists such as Gavin Carter and Rob Jones on view in the Milntown Gardens. It marks the start of an exciting new venture in which artists will be using wood sourced from the Milntown Estate.

Estate Manager Richard Pinhorn commented, “We are delighted to exhibit this interesting and thought-provoking work. Going forward Jill will be producing other sculpture using timber from the Estate and we’re looking forward to seeing the results.”