Trees being felled at Milntown due to Dutch Elm Disease

Mon, 29 Jun 2020

❗️Please be aware that this week (W/C 29th June 2020) we have trees being felled due to Dutch elm disease and areas around the Estate will be cordoned off for public safety❗️

This is extremely unfortunate but the felling of diseased elms is to reduce the chances of spread to all other healthy elm trees 🌳

It is thought that 1-2% have been affected out of 250000 elm trees on the island since the disease was introduced to the island in 1992. The governments prevention scheme has helped to stop the spread.This year the lovely hot weather we have had has not helped our elm populations at Milntown or island wide.

Did you know we have one of the largest populations of Elm Trees in the British isles?

The team at Milntown annually plant new trees and will be undertaking a replanting scheme to promote biodiversity and ensure future generations will enjoy woodlands on the estate

We thank you for your patience and understanding 💚