The Estate

Originally created in the early 16th century when John McCrystyn, a Deemster between 1511-1535 merged his Altadale Estate, in nearby Glen Auldyn, with an adjoining estate and renamed the complete holding Milntown.

It was owned by successive generations of the McCrystyn Family, whose name soon became written as Christian, until the death of William Bell Christian in 1886. At that point the family was bankrupt, and ownership passed to the Law Life Assurance Society and in 1910 to the Phoenix Assurance Company Ltd. The estate then extended to almost 500 acres reaching as far north as the railway line and as far east as Ramsey.

Much of the land was eventually sold off by the Phoenix Company, including neighbouring Sky Hill. Ramsey Golf Club and Ramsey Grammar School also occupy land that was once part of the estate.

By 1963, when the Estate was bought by Lady Kathleen Edwards, it consisted of the present 15 acres. This is now owned and managed by the Milntown Trust established by Sir Clive Edwards, son of Lady Edwards, on his death in 1999.