Yates Family

Milntown was converted back into a family home when Charles Peel Yates (1885 – 1966) bought what was then the Milntown Hotel from Lynn Carlyle in 1947.

Born in Preston, as a child, Charles Yates had been a boarder at King William’s College on the Isle of Man. He was a member of the founding family of the UK chain of Yates’ Wine Lodges. The Lodge in Douglas was, at the time it was opened, one of only two outside the Northern Counties of England.

While living at Milntown Charles Yates donated money to the 1960 restoration of St Fingan’s chapel in Glen Auldyn. After selling the estate to Sir Clive Edwards in 1963 the Yates family lived in the Grand Island Hotel in Ramsey before moving to Ballagarrow in Glen Auldyn. Charles Yates died 3 years later while on holiday in Funchal, Madeira. We know very little about the Yates family’s time at Milntown. They employed a gardener called Mr. Birkett, but if anyone has any further information about them, we would be very interested in hearing from you.